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About the Strategic Research Consortium

Who Are We the Strategic Research Consortium of collaborative thought leaders and scholars dedicated to learning and sharing how individuals, teams, and organizations succeed and fail in a disruptive business environment?

Why We Do It Through our continued research and consulting on why some organizations succeed and others do not In disruptive markets we have become a reliable source for helping companies maintain their success or to regain it.

What We Do By engaging thought leaders and practitioners we gather the latest developments pertaining to "why some individuals, teams and firms succeed and others do not" and share our findings with all who are interested.

What We Have Discovered We have discovered that hidden tacit knowledge held unknowingly by members of a firm is often is the source of the creative invention when they look from the outside in and peer over the horizon to pick the signals that could be the harbinger of change.

How Do We Do It?

We help business management reconfiguring its resources and capabilities to create sustainable competitive advantages for profitability and growth.

The Strategic Research Consortium collective philosophy centers on the belief that knowledge offers unlimited resources, because of the human spirit and capacity to create - knowledge is virtually infinite.
Strategists believe that sustained competitive advantages found in the strategic resources of the firm, are specifically found in both the organizational knowledge and the capabilities of the firm. Capability-based frameworks have been found to have much power as general models of strategy and organization. However, their application to multinational firms and their strategies has been limited. Tallman Karin - (2020)

Dynamic capability analysis is based upon the organization strategically matching its capabilities to rapidly changing market conditions of the 2000s (Anderson and Tushman,1990; D'Aventi,1994; Teece 2007; Pisano, 2015).

A business model is presented as a roadmap showing how internal tacit micro foundational elements can be harnessed to transform internal resources and base capabilities into strategic pathways for competitive advantages in turbulent conditions.

SRC's objective is to provide the best possible advice, systems, research and programs to help leaders enhance their own performance and that of the organization's through engaging the talent, energy, and commitment of people throughout the world.

If you are striving for business sustainability, business growth, and business model renewal then we can definitely help you.

The Strategic Research Consortium concentrates on solving organizational and personnel problems that substantially impact quality, cost and customer satisfaction.

The Strategic Research Consortium since its inception in Australia by Jerry Kaber, has been a consortium of Global and Local access to a superior source of knowledge, experience and professional competence allows for client companies to be assured of the best possible results.

In this way The Strategic Research Consortium's agile global network is able to bring "best in class" to many leading corporations on many continents by utilizing its diversified intellectual resources.
Retired yet?

We are specialists in capability driven strategy

1 Are you in a hyper competitive marketplace? We can help you reconfigure your company's resources and capabilities into a capability driven strategy for creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Market Change

We start by Partnering with you and your firm to sense out the opportunities and threats in the competitive marketplace in your firm industry.

2 How competitive is your firm? We learned when your firm does better than any competitor in the industry. We scan what your firm does best in your industry by understanding the core capabilities and resources of your firm

Market Analysis

We Partner with you to determine what your firm does best in your industry by identifying the core capabilities and resources the firm has.

3 Is your business model competitive? We created new competitive business model by re- configuring resources and capabilities. We shape a new business model by harnessing tacit resources and capabilities into a dynamic capability system.

Business Model

We Partner with you to shape a new business model with internal tacit micro foundational elements that can be harnessed to reconfigure resources and capabilities into a dynamic capability system.

4 Do you have a competitive strategy? We create a new capability driven strategy for sustainable competitive advantage. We seize upon the best opportunities in the market with a natural coherent capability driven strategy that best matches the turbulent market environment.

Business Success

We Partner with you to formulate an agile capability driven strategy to operationally seize upon the best opportunities in the turbulent marketplaces.

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Jerry Kaber Career Highlights and Accomplishments include:

Domestic Consulting Engagements (Case Studies)


Background - Congressional mandate to replace Prime contractor (Rockwell International with Lockheed Martin) to meet accelerated space launch commitments

Challenge/Problem - to enhance quality control capabilities to ensure safety/security and performance for ground operations support work.

Solution - to reconfiguring resources and capabilities for improved utilization by ground operations staff by introducing new knowledge to facilitate improved performance in departmental training operations.

Results - increased performance for operational staff showed considerable advances as measured from previous performance levels for the staff.


Background - to reconfigure business model for strategic transformation of Railroad Company into Transportation Company for growth. Railroad Company CSX strategy to implement new universal piggy back containers to fit on ships, trains trucks and plans.

Challenge/Problem - to increase resources and capabilities to transform current logistical services across transportation modes to accommodate standardized container units in a variety of industries where goods are transported using several modalities.

Solution - analysis of resources and capabilities needed to accommodate new business model strategy. Needed resources and capabilities were acquired and advanced into associated industries for the containers would be used extensively for shipping goods internationally and domestically.

Results - progressive resources and capability changes were satisfied for business model transformation for achieving growth and sustainability.


Background - to conduct the dissolution of ATT mandated by Anti-Trust ruling that AT&T had grown into a monopoly depriving other communication services to be unwarranted the less able to achieve profitability.

Challenge/Problem - to organize the immediate closing all ATT locations and inform employees of the dissolution and provide career decision assistance services to them in all locations simultaneously.

Solution - Hiring and Training consultants to intervene in closing ATT locations and provide career decision assistance services on the same day for all ATT locations.

Results - All ATT locations are closed and employees are provided career decision assistance program choices (retirement planning, reemployment planning, career consulting training, financial advice, spousal support, small business development). Future small AT&T establishments were made probably be valves to operate successfully is independent from the old AT&T company.

Alcon Laboratories

Background - to improve choices of research practices that will improve probability of developing strategic product advantage.

Challenge/Problem - to reconfigure research staff capability to enhance research decision-making practices for increasing the probability of successful strategic outcomes.

Solution - identification of research practices known to be critical for increased probability of successful strategic outcomes. Development of associated competencies supportive of these known practices.

Results - research staff adoption and development of competencies better decision-making practices to improve successful product outcomes were changed as noted by the advances made in strategic research for marketable products.

Ryder Transportation Systems

Background - executive team decision-making capabilities is dysfunctional and without focus for corporate strategic intentions<./p>

Challenge/Problem - to identify sources of dysfunction and executive team inability to collaborate effectively is caused by the lack of role clarity by executive team members as to their duties and responsibilities different from their roles as Functional departments heads

Solution - Administered 360 competency assessment to executive team members to determine strengths and weaknesses that can be individually addressed to improve on decision-making collaboration. Individual coaching to provide awareness for change and improvements.
Establish roles of corporate duties for executive management team.

Results - improved collaboration and decision-making providing expeditious outcomes.

International Consulting Engagements (Case Studies)

Cunard Cruise Lines

Background - to create branding strategy to meet new ocean liner, (Queen Mary 2) launch for a customer value proposition service.

Challenge/Problem - What Customer Value Proposition branding will be most effective in attracting the British ocean liner traveler's audience?

Solution - Conducted test market branding images promotion among UK Britch audience to learn of preference on customer value proposition. Identified service capabilities needed for delivery of this white star service.

Results - Adopted white service value proposition for new branding promotion for Queen Mary 2) capabilities established.

FedEx Latin America

Background - to redesign internal succession planning to meet future senior country manager promotional needs.

Challenge/Problem - no high-performance capability assessment to support succession planning is available to senior managers.

Solution - introduction of competency capability architecture to assist managers in identifying high potential performers in respective countries in Latin America. Potential Country managers were identified and participated in the competency architecture to determine their potential against the success profile for country managers.

Results - clear understanding by the senior managers of the high-performance potential assessments for making decisions on country managers to be promoted

Singapore Airlines

Background - To identify reason for lost airline hostess Asian charm associated with branding image for airline.

Challenge/Problem - research videos of Asian airline hostesses indicates the absence of innocence and charm while serving customers.

Solution - provided research showing selection process of airline hostesses was conducted by Western recruiters who used competency criteria not associated with Asian personalities

Results - adopting Asian hostess profiles that reflect qualities desired for the promotion branding of the Singapore Airlines

Australian Treasury

Background - Australian government experiencing budgetary deficits due to economic egalitarian policies that can no longer be afforded based on the tax revenue that it receives to operate the government.

Challenge/Problem - Research shows westerly endeavor is involved in or owns many businesses that are not sustainable. (Railroads, telecom, banking institutions, electric power, transportation) potential unemployment is anticipated.

Solution - a plan to privatize the government entities is initiated to sell government assets to the public to relieve the financial burden to initiate entrepreneurial ownership of these assets are sold. Organizational restructuring and management develop systems are provided to facilitate this change.

Results - after three years the privatization plan completed its first set of objectives which is followed by more detailed assistance to new firms and employees.

Fletcher Challenge Limited NZ

Background - Fletcher Challenge holding company has eight business units (banking, retail, forestry, mining, oil exploration, financial services, exporting, transportation) operating in six international global locations.

Challenge/Problem - Fletcher Challenge senior board of directors' desire to have established management practices for these business units in search of greater stability and growth. Great differences exist in operating practices each of the business units as well as cultural distinctions to be recognized

Solution - A global strategic management capability assessment was completed to determine patterns and trends cultural differences before any management practices are introduced. To create capability driven strategy to retrieve multi-business incremental growth. A Global Strategic Management meeting was held to establish the management practices that would accommodate operational differences and cultural distinctions. Several separate industry sessions were held to further refine and create understanding that would exist between the electric challenge holding company in the business units.

Results - After three years in the implementation of the management practices a higher level of collaboration between the holding company and its business units and sound business practices were established

Canadian Petroleum

Background - Canadian petroleum experience is highly competitive marketplace in northern Canada.

Challenge/Problem - in northwestern Canada leases options for drilling are very expensive requiring considerable capital to both lease and operate in remote areas for oil exploration. The petroleum drilled for requires considerable refinery refracting to extract marketable petroleum products. Drilling site selections becomes critical where petroleum viscosities are easier to refine.

Solution - Analysis of petroleum exploration skills shows the need for considerable development in order to find the most desirable oil exploration will leases. In addition, each drilling site is considered an asset unto itself and can be managed independently to produce the most efficient practices that will allow costs to be managed. Enhanced asset team capability for exploration and exploitation opportunities is critical for the company success.

Results - Improved knowledge and skill development asset teams is proven to be a considerable factor operating cost. Improved capabilities to locate high potential oil deposits has shown to be a competitive advantage

Burger King International NZ

Background - Burger King International established a subsidiary in New Zealand identified as Hungary Jack. Establishing the restaurant chain in Auckland provided a valuable test for the reception of the chain

Challenge/Problem - management issues emerged quickly between New Zealand investors in the chain and the American Burger King franchise owner. In addition, resources and capabilities for operating a fast food chain were operationally and culturally different and provided a huge training need. Basic supplies for the food chain are limited by the low production of ingredients for the hamburgers. Special arrangements tend to be made to induce farmers to produce more products than they would normally grow.

Solution - actions were taken to address the management issues to resolve operating disagreements. Training of restaurant employees encompassed a significant structural hands-on experience provided by the Burger King training entity from the United States. Limited resource issues surrounding farm products were successfully addressed by guaranteeing farmers sufficient revenue for their additional production.

Results - Hungary Jack expansion three years led to 21 restaurant sites all operating very efficiently and profitable for the investors.

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Phd - Candidate Strategic Business Formulation 2018Keiser University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
MRP-Research Design, Mythology and Development 2017Victoria University, Melbourne, AU
MBA - Strategic Planning and Marketing 1978Armstrong University, Berkeley, CA
MS - Education - Curriculums & Instruction Design 1976Nazareth College, Rochester, NY
BA - Accounting & Marketing 1967Armstrong University, Berkeley, CA
AS - Business Administration & Computer Science, 19Rochester Business Institute, NY
Staunton US Military Academy 1958Staunton, VA

PhD thesis on Capability Driven Strategy

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Work History:

Academic Experience

Campus College Chair, University of Phoenix 2007 to 2016

Responsibilities and Duties

Primary responsibilities were to insure the quality and integrity of each college degree program while maintaining professional faculty standards in content knowledge and curricula in the Colleges of Humanities, Social Sciences Business Administration.

  • Coordinating, reviewing, supervising and providing leadership to the following programs: Associate of Communications, Bachelors in Humanities, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor and Master of Business, Psychology, Bachelor of English, Bachelors of Natural Science, Bachelor's I the n Social Science.
  • Providing strategic, academic and budgetary program leadership.
  • Preparing and administering, in consultation with the Directors of Academic Affairs, the annual operating budget to ensure the timely request and receipt of materials for effective program operation.
  • Assuring and enforcing compliance with institutional policies and procedures, state regulatory requirements and accreditation standards.
  • Supervising faculty and staff and completing performance appraisals on a timely basis.
  • Monitoring faculty and staff compliance with University campus policies and procedures.
  • Initiate programs to help students achieve academic success, including workshops, mentoring and tutoring programs.

Lecturing Academic Teaching

Broward Community CollegeBusiness Planning and Strategy, Marketing, Sales and AdvertisingFort Lauderdale, FL
US Office of Ed. A Nation At Risk: "The Progress of Education in US"Research Mythology and Technical Sampling ProcessesU N C, NC
St. John Fisher CollegeHuman Behavior, Social Media and Culture, Understanding LearningRochester, NY
Rochester Institute of TechnologyGraduate Marking, Management, Accounting and Business DevelopmentRochester, NY
University of New South WalesGraduate Organizational Development, Change Management StrategiesSydney, AU
University of DallasGraduate Cultural Assimilation for MBA graduatesDallas, TX
Northwood UniversityTeacher Education and Instruction PlanningPalm Beach, FL
Florida International UniversityGraduate organizational development and Business analysis and planningMiami, FL
University of PhoenixGraduate Human Resources Planning, Psychology, Introduction to Sociology
American History, Political Science and Constitutional Government
Plantation, FL
Victoria UniversityCritical Thinking, Problem-Solving Leadership and ManagementMelbourne, AU
Central Queensland UniversityCritical Thinking, Project management, Workflow AnalysisTownsville AU

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Professional Consulting Experience

Special knowledge and experience in organizational strategy, assessment and succession, talent management and leadership development. organizational design, behavior and competence assessment for providing pragmatic solutions to unique challenges. Enterprise Developments have included major organizational change initiatives i.e. Deregulation, Acquisition/Merger, Business Development, Privatization, Re-engineering, Culture Integration, and Global Expansion

* Strategic Research Consortium clients serviced by location during a 30-year consulting practice is provided

North America

AT&T, American Express, Century 21, Pillsbury, STP, Unisys, NASA, Florida Power and Light, CSX, ITT, Kroger Food Co, Alcon Laboratories. Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, J&J Medical, Republic Industries, Samsung, DHL, Office Max, Vistakon Johnson & Johnson HQ, Lafarge Cement Ltd., Ryder System Lockheed Martin, FedEx. South America American Express, Pfizer Inter, Federal Express NA, Cunard Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines


Singapore Airlines, Bank of Hong Kong, T R Services Cable and Wire International, DHL. Samsung, Acer Computer, Caterpillar


Elf ep Oil Exploration, Total Energy, Cunard Cruise Lines


Digital Equipment, Century 21, Exxon Oil, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Australia Treasury - Australian Post/Telecom/Electric/Transportation/ Sydney Water Board

New Zealand

Fletcher Challenge Corp. Canadian Petroleum, NZ Electric Corp., N.Z Land Corp., Unisys N Z, New Zealand Treasury, 3M Corporation, Burger King International, Honeywell Bull NZ

* Senior V P of Human Resources at Fletcher Challenge Ltd. New Zealand 1990 - 1992

Lead and managed a multi-national HR talent and organizational development service for eight business units of 30,000 employees on 4 continents with $2 million HR department operating budget. Supervised 8 HQ staff and 24 HR unit personal in banking, cement, steel, lumber, gas and oil, mining, agriculture and retail.


Created a five-year organizational development model as guide for incremental growth to accommodate an international strategic business expansion and acquisition plan.

Designed and restructured international sub-business units into multidisciplinary asset teams for increased value creation.

Assessed international management capabilities to improve strategic and operational Management.

Privatization Consultant for Australia Treasury 1987 - 1990

Privatization of government assets for Australia Ministries in collaboration with The Center for Organizational Change at the University of Sydney, Australia

Conducted information meeting with Department Ministers on privatization procedures

Collaborated on reorganization of government entities into becoming private enterprises

Proposed structural, cultural and re-employment plans for Telecom, Post Office, National Airlines, Railroads, Port Shipping and Electric Power

W.R. Grace Commission - U.S. industry de-regulation and implementation team lead 1978 - 1980

To dissolve the ATT monopoly and re-structure new telecom business entities.

Sachi & Sachi Advertising/Public Relations, Market Research Analyst 1976 - 1978

Evaluate Customer preference and perception of products and client company image.
Orchestrated advertising communications plan for favorable customer purchase behavior.

The Research Triangle Institute, Educational Research Study Director 1968 - 1974

Global Studies with funding from the Ford and Carnegie Foundations for Social Change.
Assessment of Educational Progress in the U.S. - "A Nation at Risk" - University of Michigan.

U.S. Dept. Defense Department, Special Projects and Logistics Planner 1965 - 1968

Mobilization of US military and civilian task forces in South East Asia.
Satisfying US Government payment obligations for civilian contractor past performance.
Administrative oversight of US Government classified scientific research projects.

US Army Military, Reconnaissance/Intelligence Briefer , General Staff 1959 - 1963

United Nation Peace Keeping Mission -South Korea, U.S. Army Commanding Staff
Topographical expedition of 38th Parallel for De-Militarization Zone (DMZ) verification
Military tactical insurgency advisor- Laos/Vietnam, 8th U.S. Army HQ Brigade

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Corporate Guest Speaker

Presentation GroupPresenation TopicYear
Project Management Institute Conference"Emerging Knowledge and Marketable Skills"2012
Education for Excellence, Nova University Fort Lauderdale FL"Teaching in Multi-Generation Classroom"2013
Education for Excellence, Nova University Fort Lauderdale FL"Dealing with Difficult People"2012
Career Innovations Expo, Career Builders USA, Miami, FL"Building Your Personal Brand"2011
Career Expo for College Graduates, Plantation, Fl"Learn Your Strengths and Match to Career Opportunities"2011
Center for Creative Leadership, Raleigh NC"Identification and Selection of High Potential Employees"2010
Society for Human Resources Management "SHRM""What is High Performance Worth- ROI and EVA for HR" 2009
Lominger Annual Conference, Seattle, WA"Leadership Development Using Competency Modeling"2007
South Florida Human Resources Forum - Jacksonville, FL"The Future of Human Resources"2006
International Human Resources Society of New Zealand, Auckland, N.Z."Succession Planning and Executive Education Workshop"1998
ASTD National Conference, Anaheim, Calf."Organizational Capability and Performance"1994
Strategic Planning Society of Canada, Calgary, Canada"Culture and High Performance Organizations"1992
Government Ministers Conference of Australia, Canberra"Privatization of Government Owned Assets" 1990

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Current Scholarly Research -
Current Research on Dynamic Capabilities

Title: A Conceptual Model: Transforming internal resources and base capabilities into strategic pathways for achieving competitive advantages.

Many practitioners and researchers have had little success formalizing a dynamic capability-based approach for creating strategic competitive advantages. The impact of this has been elusive and imprecise because a dynamic capability-based strategy involves building competitive advantages through assembling and orchestrating difficult to replicate tacit assets. To explore this concern, a problem-solving action research intervention has been organized to illustrate how internal tacit micro foundational elements are dynamically harnessed to transform internal resources and base capabilities into strategic pathways for achieving competitive marketplace advantages. The research involves the development of a new conceptual model for bridging the knowledge gap regarding firms' need to build unique dynamic capabilities.

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Professional Development Education

Career Architect Competence/Capabilities Assessment Tools - Lominger 1992-2007Minneapolis, MI
Management 360 Competence Assessment - Center of Creative Leadership 1990Durham, NC
Business Intervention Consulting - University of Sydney 1994Sydney, AU
Organizational Development - Linkage Seminars Series 1992Miami, FL
US Educational Research Assessment - Research Triangle Institute 1982Durham, NC
Community College Teaching Certificate, 1977Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
New York State Teaching Certification, 1978 -1979State University of NY, Stony Brook, NY
Executive Development Program 1968U.S. Defense Dept. Pentagon, Arlington, VA
Military Intelligence Resonance and Insurgency Training 1960US Army Fort Halberd, MA

Executive Development, A Leadership Architecture, and Organizational Architecture

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Awards, Titles, and Designations:

Academic Achievements

  • Overcame Grade School Failures
  • High School GPA 3.9/4.0
  • Awarded the Cable Legion of Honor for Athletics, Leadership, Academics at Staunton US Military
  • Awarded Scholarships - $ 500 Annual Athletic for All-Around Award at Staunton US Military Academy
  • Graduated Top 1% Of Graduating Class at Staunton US Military Academy
  • Earned Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Computer Science, Masters in Science Education Curriculum Design and Student Learning and MBA in Strategy and Marketing
  • Graduated top 10 % at Armstrong University for MBA
  • Dean's list for Outstanding Academic Achievement -Armstrong University
  • Awarded Scholarship to Attend the six weeks Advanced Management Program at Pentagon, US Defense Development
  • University Recognition for Faculty Development, Student Learning, Soft Skill Research
  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Award for Outstanding Academic Administration Achievement (2012 -2014)
  • Middle States Accreditation Award for Outstanding Academic Quality Reviews for Accreditation Standards (2007- 2014)
  • Ph.D. (integrated) study completed Masters of Research Practice -Victoria University

Leadership Achievements

  • First Captain of Cadet Corps - Staunton US Militarily Academy
  • Captain Football Team -Staunton US Military Academy
  • Leadership of Cadet Corp at President Eisenhower's inauguration
  • Community Leadership Award for Educational Consortium Achievement
    ∘ Established four pilot studies to develop an instructional module for effective teaching of soft skills to college graduates for improved employment success.

Commendations Achievements

  • Military Decorations for Distinction for Leading Military Expedition to Topographically Map the 38 parallel in Korea
  • Military Decoration for Distinction at DMZ (De-Military Zone) Korea in negotiations for MIA soldier recovery
  • Military Decoration for Distinction as President Kennedy Advisory Force for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam military reconnaissance before Vietnamese war
  • Recommended for Battlefield Commission - Not Taken Recommended for Battlefield Commission -
  • Honorable Discharge for US Army (1963)


  • Sports - athleticism in football, track, tennis, and fencing
  • New Zealand America's Cup 1995 Team Development

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Matthew Bulat Career Highlights And Accomplishments

  • Built a million users a year website in 4 languages
  • Designed and built a Business Model Creator to show business and technology attributes in the present and future
  • Designed and built a Skills Analysis process that can be applied to the individual, team, project, department or organisation
  • Wrote a book on the 1500 roles in Information Technology that can operate in your business
  • Operating still in over 200 countries remotely during a pandemic
  • Designing and Launching a digital training program from 2 continents
  • Digitizing processes for remote operations, digital delivery and client fulfilment
  • Helped design, implement and operate the privatization of the Australian Government department activities to save the balance sheet

When you want to save their business, don't mess around with anyone but the best at capability driven strategy.

I / we have everything it takes to help your business sustainability, business growth, and business model renewal!

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